>>> Add ephemeral notebook environments to your web app with one API call. <<<

## Try it

## How it works

  1. Fork our GitHub repo.
  2. Put an API token (we’ll provide this) in a GitHub secret on the forked repo.
  3. Add your notebooks and optionally specify dependencies.
  4. Every time you push to GitHub, the environment will be packaged and shipped to us.
  5. Direct users to a URL we provide to spin up instances of your environment, or use our API for more control.

Environments are run in a gVisor sandbox, and are shut down when the user closes the tab.

## Use cases

  • Demo environments for code-based products.
  • Running shared notebooks for data science interviews.
  • Setting up per-student environments for classroom use.
  • Building an ad-hoc analysis environment into analytical tools.

Before tempenv, we set up demo environments manually for each lead. Now, setting up a demo environment is as easy as sharing a link. This has allowed us to scale from 5 demos per day to as many as 60.

– Noah Lebovic, CEO, Toolchest

## Pricing

Pricing is based on total minutes of backend time. Each environment launched by your users incurs backend time until it is shut down automatically when they close the tab.

Up to 2,000 minutes: $25/month
Every 1,000 minutes after: $10/month

## About

tmpenv is built by Jamsocket, powered by our open-source Plane platform.