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Modern applications are distributed systems. Application engineers have been thrown into the world of distributed systems head first, whether they realize it or not. They have to wrangle state living across multiple clients, servers, AI services, object stores, and databases.

Good abstractions are the enemy of complexity. Developing distributed applications is notoriously complex, in part because traditional stateless infrastructure doesn't match the needs of rich, stateful applications.

It's your app, not ours. We wouldn't build an application that was intrinsically tied to one provider, so we wouldn't ask you to either. We've open sourced the engine behind Jamsocket as Plane, so you can run your app anywhere, forever.


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Backed by tech founders

We're proud to be backed by technical founders with a ton of collective experience in making great software. Our backers include Mike Driscoll (Rill Data) • Lukas Biewald (Weights & Biases) • Isaac Brodsky, Sina Kashuk (Unfolded) • Burkay Gur (fal) • Shinji Kim (Select Star) • Patrick Hayes (SigOpt) • David Mytton (Console) • Badrul Farooqi, Jamie Wong (early @ Figma) • Amy Yin (Office Together) • Alessio Fanelli (Latent Space) • Ryan Cooke (Jumpwire) • Thomas Piccirello (Doppler) • Abstraction Capital • Wayfinder Ventures • Rogue Capital • Garage Capital • Soma Capital


Jamsocket is proudly made by Drifting in Space, Corp.

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